Hi, I’m Matthias, a Documentary Photographer.


First of all, I was created by my heavenly Father, and born in 1972, in a town near Zwolle, in the Netherlands. My grandfather was my role model. I was impressed by the way he treated other people. He was a businessman, yet at the same time he was always caring for people who needed help. He was open, generous, and also a bit naughty. I am a lot like him. My father taught me to love nature, which is still important to me. I am at ease enjoying God’s creation. It helps me to connect with Him and feel closer. I have the privilege of being a husband and father to a marvelous family, I have a number of good friends and a strong belief in a good God.

My background in photography

People keep telling me that I have a real gift for photography. I was never professionally trained as a photographer but the experience of just doing it turned out quite well. As a person with ADHD, I am easily distracted, which in this case is an advantage. Hardly anything escapes my attention. I notice things that others overlook, which helps me to ‘click’ at the right time and capture the moment. I jokingly call this ‘the Dutch click’.

Matthias Zomer | International Documentary Photographer

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