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Documentary photography vs. photojournalism

Documentary photography generally relates to longer term projects with a more complex story line, while photojournalism concerns more breaking news stories. The two approaches often overlap. Some theorists argue that photojournalism, with its close relationship to the news media, is influenced to a greater degree than documentary photography by the need to entertain audiences and market products. (source: wikipedia)

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Having fun at the gym

Matthias Zomer International Documentary Photographer

‘Having fun at the gym’

A few months ago I had the opportunity to spend the morning with group of elderly people. This is always a great privilege for me. I greatly enjoy these beautiful men and women.

After coffee, tea and some cookies, we go to the gym together. 
What happens there is really very special. When I think back on it now it moves me again. The joyful atmosphere is in the group is highly contagious. One becomes mischievous again. Makes jokes together. 
They spontaneously start singing a song. Throw a ball everywhere. And play with hoops.

This activity is guided by an energetic elderly and very cheerful lady. Of course I participate. And when I make a few pictures of course my head is hit by a soft ball. About which everyone – including myself – laughs heartily.

One of the moments that stuck with me most went as follows. The motto is ‘everyone participates’. For example one moment there was a visually impaired man who was helped by his comrades when kicking a soccer ball. “Yes, I can shoot now? I really can’t see a thing.” “Yes of course! Kick the ball as hard as you can”. Things like these give me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

Elderly people can teach us a lot. With beautiful and often moving images, I try to express this to society. This is the main motivation for me to make Dementiastock into a success.

With best regards,
Matthias Zomer