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Having fun at the gym

maart 22, 2018 Uit Door matthiasz

‘Having fun at the gym’

A few months ago I had the opportunity to spend the morning with group of elderly people. This is always a great privilege for me. I greatly enjoy these beautiful men and women.

After coffee, tea and some cookies, we go to the gym together. 
What happens there is really very special. When I think back on it now it moves me again. The joyful atmosphere is in the group is highly contagious. One becomes mischievous again. Makes jokes together. 
They spontaneously start singing a song. Throw a ball everywhere. And play with hoops.

This activity is guided by an energetic elderly and very cheerful lady. Of course I participate. And when I make a few pictures of course my head is hit by a soft ball. About which everyone – including myself – laughs heartily.

One of the moments that stuck with me most went as follows. The motto is ‘everyone participates’. For example one moment there was a visually impaired man who was helped by his comrades when kicking a soccer ball. “Yes, I can shoot now? I really can’t see a thing.” “Yes of course! Kick the ball as hard as you can”. Things like these give me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

Elderly people can teach us a lot. With beautiful and often moving images, I try to express this to society. This is the main motivation for me to make Dementiastock into a success.

With best regards,
Matthias Zomer